About Me



My name is Candice and my goal in life is to create heart prints in the lives of other people through sharing the things that make me happy. It wasn't until about 2020, a couple of years after I joined the military that I was big on Self-Care. I used to think that caring about my self was selfish, but it is the exact opposite. In order for me to perform in my duties as a mother, a wife, a soldier, daughter, friend, etc, I have to be taken care of first. 
So, here I am sharing with you, what takes me to my happy place.  
Candles because I love the sound of the flame burning, the scents that calm me, and the look that distract me. Wine scented or Drink inspired candles are well, you know because I like that too, so I incorporated it into the candle. 
Body Scrubs, butter because I love smooth skin and so does my husband. Makes me feel clean. 
lip scrub because I hate dry lips and I don't like for them to crack or peel. 
Soon, I will have journals that I create because I love writing my thoughts. Paper listens better than people, in my opinion because its a judge free zone. I also write poetry / spoken word which is another form of expression. 
Take Care of Yourself because who else will? 
Enjoy the things that bring me joy!